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Astonishingly fast Amstrad CPC game engine for C developers

CPCtelera is an integrated development framework for creating Amstrad CPC games and content which includes:

CPCtelera has been conceived with these aims in mind:

Starting with CPCtelera is very easy:

Supported Platforms

If you test it in any platform (listed here or not) and have problems, please feel free to report them to us.


All CPCtelera authors give big most sincere thanks to the amazing people that decided to give economic support to CPCtelera and our other CPC-related projects.

Contact information and support


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Current release: v1.4.2

CPCtelera Setup CPCtelera sprites demo showing logo CPCtelera maked sprites demo CPCtelera measuring performance demo CPCtelera animations demo CPCtelera ROM characters drawing demo CPCtelera fade in / fade out demo