Project authorsMaintainer, low-level library and build system developers
3rdparty software authorsDevelopers of tools or 3rdparty software used by CPCtelera
Testers & Bug Reporters
Special ThanksDevelopers, collaborators and others that helped a great deal


We are incredibly grateful to these people, who sent us some economic support to continue with CPCtelera and other CPC-related projects.  Big most sincere thanks to all of you

21/05/2015Lachlan Keown
10/06/2015Tim Riemann / Octoate
25/06/2015Ervin Pajor
13/07/2015Roald Strauss
23/09/2015Arnaud Bouche
24/11/2015Toni Ramirez
21/04/2016Oscar Martínez Gómez
29/05/2016Oliver Lenz

Project authors

Maintainer, low-level library and build system developers

Project owner

Awesome collaborators

Bitarrays idea and original implementation

Some original code and ideas for sprite drawing and firmware enabling/disabling

  • Raúl Simarro (Artaburu / ESP Soft)

Some makefile code and ideas

Arkos player original code

Random number generation

  • George Marsaglia

Graphical assets

3rdparty software authors

Developers of tools or 3rdparty software used by CPCtelera

Arkos Tracker

Small Devices C Compiler (SDCC)

Z80 assembler compiler and linker (asz80 & aslink)




Retro Game Asset Studio (RGAS)



WinApe emulator

Testers & Bug Reporters


Special Thanks

Developers, collaborators and others that helped a great deal

  • Lachlan Keown (For being incredibly kind and helpful, and adding every required modification to better integrate RGAS with CPCtelera)
  • Tim Riemann / Octoate (For supporting CPCtelera and spreading news amount the community with a big smile)
  • Cpcitor (for his great help and advice, and for developing cpc-dev-tool-chain)
  • CPCWiki & Grimware (for providing great technical documentations and examples)
  • Raúl Simarro (for developing CPCRSLib game creation library)
  • Targhan / Arkos (for developing Arkos Traker&Player and giving great support on adding it to CPCtelera.  Also for giving general advice during development of CPCtelera)
  • Pulkomandy / Shinra Team (for maintaining cpcsdk, with tools like iDSK or cpcfs, among others.  For giving great advice and being helpful at every moment.  Also for willing to give the best for CPC and maintain it alive)
  • Mochilote / CPCMania (for creating great tutorials and useful documentation in his site)
  • José Ángel Rodriguez (@rvjose) (for early testing, bug reporting and giving great ideas)
  • Prodatron / Symbiosis for producting such a great deal of incredible software for the Amstrad CPC and for being always helpful and kind.
  • Alcoholics Anonimous/CPCWiki (For his great help and insights in fixing SDCC bugs, Z80 programming and random number generators)
  • Z88DK developers for sharing their really nice Z80 codebase.