Cuts up a big sprite into smaller tiles


cpct_sp2tile [file] -s [SpriteRes] -t [TileRes]


This script converts a C array sprite into an array made of smaller tiles extracted from the sprite.  It converts the sprite into a tile array.  This is useful if you want to create tiled backgrounds from complete images.  You create a big sprite out of the image and then use this tool to create an array of tiles out of the sprite.

[file] must contain a C array of bytes filled with hexadecimal values (for instance, 0xFF or 0xA5).  If any byte is not in this 4 digit format (0xDD, D=Digit), it will be removed by the script and it will likely throw an error.

Take also into account that the [file] must not contain more hexadecimal values than those related to the sprite to be converted, or they will be considered part of the same sprite.  Use [file]s with only one sprite in them as input.

The converted output is outputted to the standard output.

Command line options

-s | --sprite-resolutionSets the resolution of the main sprite to be cut into tiles.
-t | --tile-resolutionSets the resolution of each individual tile
-h | --helpShows help information on the terminal.
Cuts up a big sprite into smaller tiles