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 Asset Conversion Utilities
 Audio Constants&Variables
 CPCtelera Reference Manual
 Reverse Bits
 Undocumented Opcodes
 Useful macros
 Useful Macros
 Visual Studio Code
CPCtelera includes many ways to convert your assets (graphics, audio, tilemaps) into binary information ready to be used in your game.
Constants and utilities to manage the 27 colours from the CPC Palette comfortably.
Converts an Arkos Tracker (aks) music file into an absolutely located data array to be compiled directly into a binary program.
Script for converting binary files to C arrays
Converts an image file with a set of tile or sprite images into a CPCtelera C-array tileset along with arrays for all tiles/sprites.
Installs and configures CPCRSLib to be used together with CPCtelera
This script helps in the creation of new projects that use CPCtelera engine.
This converts RGAS sprite definitions in CPCRSLib asm output format to CPCtelera’s C arrays.
Cuts up a big sprite into smaller tiles
Script for generating csv files with maps defined in tmx files (from tiled map editor).
This script lets the user execute winape from command line and automatically run a file from a DSK at will.
Constant definitions of Z80 opcodes.
Useful macros for bit reversing and selecting in different ways.
Macros to clarify source code when using undocumented opcodes.
CPCtelera integrates with Visual Studio Code IDE since version 1.4.2.