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 3rdparty software authors
 About Arkos Player
 Advice for Assembly coders
 Aliases for builtin types
 Arkos Player Compilation Constants
 Arkos Player Functions
 Arkos Player Manual
 Asset Conversion Utilities
 Audio Channels(bitmasks)
 Audio Constants&Variables
 Basic integration
 Bitarray definition and declaration
 Bitarray element encoding
Developers of tools or 3rdparty software used by CPCtelera
Arkos Player code included in CPCtelera is a modification of the original code was developed by Targhan / Arkos.
Just a few comments for those wanting to program in Assembly with CPCtelera.
CPCtelera’s short useful aliases for standard SDCC built-in types.
Constants used to control which features are enabled / disabled in the Arkos Tracker Player code.
CPCtelera includes many ways to convert your assets (graphics, audio, tilemaps) into binary information ready to be used in your game.
Bitmask constants for referring to audio channels of the AY-3-8912 PSG chip.
Audio Channel A (also referred as 0)
All audio channels (A, B & C)
Audio Channel B (also referred as 1)
Audio Channel C (also referred as 2)
Defines the number of bit to shift the number of a desired bank to the left if order to use it inside a 1-byte command for the Gate Array.
Each one of this macros specify a memory bank configuration.
CPCtelera offers trasnparent basic integration with Visual Studio Code.
Group of macros to declare and/or define bitarrays.
Macros that help initializing, populating and inserting elements manually into different types of bitarrays