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 Arkos Player Compilation Constants
 Audio Channels(bitmasks)
 Firmware useful constants
 Video Memory Pages
Constants used to control which features are enabled / disabled in the Arkos Tracker Player code.
Bitmask constants for referring to audio channels of the AY-3-8912 PSG chip.
Audio Channel A (also referred as 0)
All audio channels (A, B & C)
Audio Channel B (also referred as 1)
Audio Channel C (also referred as 2)
Video Memory Page 0x00 (0x00··)
Video Memory Page 0x40 (0x40··)
Video Memory Page 0x80 (0x80··)
Video Memory Page 0xC0 (0xC0··)
The address where screen video memory starts by default in the Amstrad CPC.
Constants used by firmware routines.
Memory address that stores a pointer to the start of firmware code, executed on every interruption.
Output port where Gate Array (GA) listens.
Opcode for “JR xx” instruction.
Opcode for “LD d, xx” instruction.
Value used to trigger the Re-trig of Register 13.
Set to 1 if you want to save the Registers used by AMSDOS (AF’, BC’, IX, IY) which allows you to call this player in BASIC.
Set to 1 to allow fades in / out.
Set to 1 if you want to use Sound Effects in your player.
Useful constants defining some typical Video Memory Pages to be used as parameters for cpct_setVideoMemoryPage